Affiliates Win Money

Referral Program – Brand Ambassadors Wanted!

  • Instant pay outs with no minimums, cash out instantly
  • Clients for life
  • No sign up fees
  • Commissions for life
  • Players from the top 10 African nations
  • No account suspensions, no chargeback, no risk
  • Top 100 affiliates get bonus profits at end of year

Being an affiliate is super easy all you need to do is create your own account. Making money is easy as the affiliates benefit from their clients that sign up and buy tickets and win. Affiliates earn Money on every ticket and every win of your sign ups, plus you earn Money from the profits of your clients who gain referrals and new player sign up.

Referral Commission for ticket - - One percent (1%) of value of ticket sold
Referral Commission for winner - *Net Percentage of profit of operator - 10%
Referral Commission for level 2 ticket - Quarter of one percent (0.25%) of value of ticket sold
Referral Commission for level 2 winner - *Net Percentage of profit of operator - 5%

When it's big enough, let's say one million (1,000,000) big, Commissions earnings rise accordingly to ticket price and game win. With payouts of one percent (1%) for every ticket sold and ten percentage (10%) revenue share of operators net for every win of your referral!

That is not all you earn (0.5%) a half percent of all ticket sold and five (5%) of the net profits of operator on wins that your referrals sign ups recruit.

Example of Affiliate profits

Total value 1 million prize awarded

800,000* **** goes to winner (80%*) eighty percent

200,000* - (20%) - MoneyPools Fees - Twenty Percent

First Level affiliate of winner earns (10%**) ten percent of two hundred thousand (200,000) = twenty thousand (20,000) of MoneyPools Fees awarded to affiliate.

Second level affiliate earns (5%***) 10,000

One of the most profitable sources of affiliate multi-level cooperation exists in the African finance sector and most affiliates are not even familiar with this simple & profitable option.

What if my player’s does not win the millionaire game?

We offer hundreds of games likely your players who signed up will likely win some games, in addition you have earned money on every ticket sold made by your client and thier second level sign ups for life..

Why is MoneyPools Affiliation Potentially So Successful?
MoneyPools.Africa is a simple financial service to market. Anybody can play it, anytime, anywhere, as simple as pushing a button. It's accessible and it doesn't require any facility, training or education.

How to start making easy money Money:

Sign up and get your affiliate referral link in your personal account at MoneyPools.Africa

Share your referral link on facebook, Twitter, telegram, Instagram, whatsapp, anywhere you can post your link and encourage people to

sign up and then invite all their friends.

Do not stop promoting keep building your sign up client base, personal QR codes to make banners and posters for your shop or location.

Profits will flow into your account instantly and 24/7 every time a ticket is purchased from your clients or second level sign ups you make money.

Every win your clients have you earn money from win, big commissions for life. 

Withdraw your money earned to mobile Money or bank instantly.

Change your life with MoneyPools.Africa