MoneyPools Technologies is an innovative financial technology (fintec) software development Company operating and licensing its software to the global market. Its proprietary Wealth Redistribution Technology MoneyPools Africa Totalizator designed to efficiently create new wealth pockets.

The technology implements a ticket and pool system, each ticket represents small amounts of money and fixed amount of tickets per pool to equal a large sum. Every Pool has a guaranteed winner; Tickets are valid until all tickets are sold and the winner is selected and paid. The technology functions 24/7/365, faster the tickets are sold the faster winners are paid out, cycle repeats.

Wealth will be created and transferred within communities transparently and provably fair effectively creating pockets of wealth to develop a middle class in local communities.

MoneyPools will redistribute wealth within ten African nations: Uganda - Kenya - Nigeria - Tanzania – Ghana – Cameroon - South Africa - Zambia - Rwanda – Burundi

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