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Wealth Sharing Systems, designed to Alleviate Poverty & Wealth Inequality.  Efficient Wealth Redistribution Technology for the 21st Century.


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PowerBall  - USA  State Lottery                                             MoneyPools Technology

Ticket price 2                                                                     Ticket price 2.00

Prize 1,000,000                                                                    Prize 1,000,000

Odd - 1:12,688,054  -------------------------------------------    Odd 1/500,000



 MoneyPools.Africa is Twenty-Five (25X) New Millionaire Euro € Winners Guaranteed.  

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PowerBall  US State Lottery                                                         MoneyPools Technology  (MPT)

Ticket price 2                                                                                   Ticket price 2.00   

Prize 50,000                                                                                      Prize 50,000

Odd - 1:913,130   ------------------------------------------------------------- Odd - 1:25,000



MoneyPools.Africa -  Thirty-Six (36) Guaranteed Winners, versus one (1) with PowerBall.


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